Friday, 25 April 2014

Kent Tap Guard Water Purifier

 Tap Guard Water Purifier
Water purifier
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Key Features
Kent UF Technology
1500 L Cartridge Life
Granular Activated Carbon
2 L/min Water Flow Rate

The Kent water purifier does the purification process by removing all the visible particles, chemicals and biological contaminants from water. The Tap Guard appliance by Kent can be easily fitted onto your kitchen tap so that you can wash fruits, vegetables or meat safely with water that is free of germs and chemicals.

The Kent Tap Guard water purifier delivers 2 litres per minute and saves a lot of your time. You can also fit this appliance to your wash basins and wash your face or brush your teeth with fresh, clean and odour-free water. The Kent Ultrafiltration technology in this water purifier removes dirt, dust and sand particles from the water and filters foul odour, taste and colour of the water.

The High-Grade Granular Activated Carbon filter in this Tap Guard water purifier filters residual chlorine and the unpleasant odour from the tap water. The Kent water purifier has advanced multi-layered Hollow Fibre UF membrane which makes sure it removes rust, bacteria, cyst and micro-organisms from the water. The transparent window lets you check for contamination and residue build-up to see if it's time for changing the cartridge.

This Tap Guard purifier by Kent has a membrane that is durable and that can deliver up to 1500 litres.. The UF water purifier measures 69 x 116 x 104 mm. You can use this appliance in 3 modes and provides a choice of: Purified Water, Unfiltered Straight and Unfiltered Spray to suit your need. This ergonomically designed water purifier can be fitted on various types of taps to get perfectly purified water instantly.

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